What Will the Fashion Industry Look Like in 2030?

But the impact of COVID-19, as with so many other industries, has inspired even bigger seismic shifts than seasonal changes in tastes. The pandemic has particularly affected fashion’s fundamentals such as how consumers shop and the ways in which retailers source and sell their goods.
As a result, many businesses are embracing digital technology and aligning their sales strategies with consumer buying habits moving online. Expectations of a perfect digital shopping experience are only expected to increase, although physical retail outlets continue to be valued. According to the State of Consumer Behavior 2021 Report, 46% of consumers still prefer to shop in person, suggesting a balance between offline and online could be key.
Other pressures on retailers come from more conscious consumerism, a lack of brand loyalty among shoppers, and logistical concerns around sourcing goods and materials. With such upheaval during the last year, we explore how the fashion industry has reacted, what it could look like in 2030, and some of the top trends we expect to see.
Trends in 2030
Made to Measure
In the digital age, as with every other area of their lives, shoppers increasingly expect a smooth and personalized online experience. According to the State of Personalization Report for 2021, 60% of consumers would likely become repeat buyers following a highly personalized retail experience.
Leading luxury brand Ralph Lauren has gone to great efforts to offer unique shopping opportunities. The company has opened the Ralph Lauren Beverly Hills Virtual Store, an Augmented Reality (AR) experience, while introducing a personal stylist on its website. The company has also installed smart-mirrors in its fitting rooms to enhance the in-store customer experience.
Elsewhere, brands are utilizing 3D-modelling to enhance the production of bespoke clothing for customers.
Sportswear giant Nike is leading the way in this area. The brand has launched its Nike By You line with customers invited to collaborate on a design of a shoe for greater personalization. Nike’s tagline for this offering is ‘Let’s make something no one’s ever seen before’ and underlines how this service provides shoppers with the chance to create a product unique to them.

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