Role of Software and Technology in Fashion Designing

The role of software and technology is very much crucial in the fashion designing. Not even fashion industries but other textile and manufacturing industries also adopt various technologies for speedy growth in the process and to increase the production. The technology in processing contributes to reduce work in process, production time, and decrease the labor costs. Nowadays all the engineers are working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and designing the software to increase the production, quality and efficiency of the product, and it helps to maintain standardization. Application of technology in the fashion sector increases the customer’s satisfaction with increase in change over time. As we know, the fashion industry is the largest industry in all over the world, so to achieve full potential in every part of the supply chain system, the use of artificial intelligence and various technologies like multifunctional custom POS systems should be preferred.
Fashion designers are always looking for new creative ideas and opportunities; they have a great ability to convert ordinary objects into attractive artwork through their inventions, so this technology plays an important role. Nowadays the use of technology through any kind of process makes the process faster and saves total time by simplifying human efforts. Some software’s like apparel magic, 3D body scanning, computer-aided design, and coral draw are popular software’s and chiefly used in today’s world. Thus, the role of technology is very much crucial in fashion designing. Some important software and technologies in the designing process are explained in this article.

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