10 professional tips to stop your makeup sliding in a hot


In my 15 years as a professional makeup artist, probably the most common (and frequent) question I’m asked by the gen pop is, ‘How do I make my makeup last all day?’ Pair that eternal conundrum with the sweltering Australian summer heat that’s upon us, and you’re set for somewhat of an uphill battle.

But all hope is not lost, as the marvels of modern product formulations and advancements in cosmetic science have made the task much more manageable — when paired with the correct techniques!

Here are my top 10 tips for keeping your face looking flawless in summer.

1. Use less product overall

In theory, it makes sense — the less product you have on your face, the less product there is to slip and slide around when things inevitably start to melt. But I’ve found many take the opposite approach and overcompensate by layering heavy, full-coverage products in an effort to see them withstand the humidity. Instead, I would implore you to use the least amount of product you feel comfortable wearing. Think ‘your-skin-but-better’ vibes whenever you do elect to wear makeup in summer. Aim for multi-tasking tints/stains for the eyes, cheeks and lips that have a translucent quality to them and will still look fresh, even as they do fade away during the day. Perhaps even opt to just curl your lashes in lieu of any actual mascara for the ultimate ‘no-makeup makeup’ eye-opening beauty cheat.

2. Try a primer

If a well-curated skin prep routine, tailored to your personal skin needs, still isn’t cutting it, consider adding a primer into your makeup arsenal. If summer sends your already oil-prone skin into a sebaceous overdrive, there are plenty of fantastic mattifying primers that will help keep that T-zone at bay. As an added bonus, the high concentration of silicone also helps to diffuse the appearance of larger pores. Meanwhile, if all the rich moisturiser in the world still can’t satiate your dehydrated skin, an illuminating primer is excellent way of giving the skin a little extra boost of hydration while also cheating a healthy glow.

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