All of ‘Bridgerton’s Filming Locations, and Why They Look So Familiar to You


Welp, 2021 is already a mess, so therefore mentally and emotionally I am choosing to be here:

Although, preferably I’d like to be on the actual set of Netflix’s Bridgerton, which was filmed at an array of locations so very fancy that they make Downton Abbey look like my apartment (read: trash).

Bridgerton was mostly filmed in Bath, York, and London, but let’s get into some of the specific and stunning homes, starting with…

Welcome to Ranger’s House—a casually massive Georgian mansion that you can visit the next time you find yourself in London.

Stupidly beautiful, but please note that the inside of the Bridgerton family home was filmed at Halton House in Buckinghamshire, which is known for its *chefs kiss* staircase:

You know that giant estate where Daphne and Simon go for their honeymoon? Turns out it’s the IRL Castle Howard, which casually looks like this:

And they truly could not have been more thrilled about their “Great Temple” being used for Simon and Daphne to have sex in:

FYI, Clyvedon village (where Daphne unintentionally causes drama with some pigs) was filmed in the real-life village of Coneysthorpe.

That’d be Holburne Museum in Bath, and they were also incredibly pumped for their building to be featured on the show!

While multiple homes were used for the interior shots, the exterior of the Featherington’s home is No. 1 Royal Crescent in Bath. I mean, I’d live here:

So, all those iconic scenes of the Queen sitting on her throne? They took place at Wilton House….

And here’s a fun, nerdy fact: Bridgerton just *happened* to use the exact same room that The Crown Season 4 did:

The show also used the grounds for exterior shots like this one:


Meanwhile, the Palace’s exterior shots used Hampton Court Palace and Lancaster House.

You know that inn Daphne and Simon visit and have wedding-night-sex in? It’s Dorney Court, which actually hosts weddings in case you’re in the mood for some ~nuptial night~ fun of your own!

Kay, that’s all, excuse me while I book my 2021 (or maybe more realistically…2022) travel plans.

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