New AirPods Firmware update returns after Apple error [u]


Apple updates AirPods firmware

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Apple briefly released a firmware update for AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max but pulled the update soon after. It is available again.

Devices that can install the update include AirPods second and third generations, the first and second generations of AirPods Pro, and the AirPods Max. The new version number is 5E133, up from 5B59 that Apple released in January.

The update was only released for about an hour before it was pulled. Instead of providing the actual update link for the AirPods to follow, Apple published a link to an internal system that would return an error to the AirPods attempting to update.

The update is available again, though users need not take any action. There isn’t a mechanism to install the AirPods firmware manually.

Apple doesn’t provide detailed release notes for the firmware update, but they generally fix bugs and enhance performance. There was no indication of any feature changes to the AirPods.

The update is now live again and it works this time

However, it is possible to check the current firmware version.

New firmware versions will be installed at some point when AirPods have connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth.

Update at 4:50 p.m. EST: Apple pulled the update after discovering the error. No updates took place because the link to the actual update was never provided.

Update at 9:30 p.m. EST: Apple has restored the AirPods firmware update.

Hope this fixes my Airpods Pro 2 case battery life. The thing drains from full to empty in about a week just sitting on the counter unused.

Pulled … which explains why going through the regular actions that trigger an update did not work.

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