Fashion Focus: The five best fashion icons in sports

The world of sports has always been a showcase of physical competition, determination and skill. However, beyond the boundaries of their respective arenas, many athletes have stepped into the limelight as style icons and influencers in the fashion industry. 
Striking collaborations with top fashion houses, launching their own clothing lines or making unforgettable appearances at fashion events; in this edition of my column, I put together my list of five of the most fashionable athletes who have seamlessly blended athletic achievements with a keen eye for fashion.
Skylar Diggins-Smith
Apart from being a four-time WNBA All-Star, Diggins-Smith has significantly impacted fashion alongside her admired sports career. The 5-foot-9-inch point guard is known for her collaborations with renowned brands such as Nike and PUMA, as she promotes their products while showcasing her unique style. 
Diggins-Smith’s co-designer role in PUMA’s 2022 capsule collection “Desert Sky” highlighted her confidence and represented a unique sense of duality. Paired with a strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram, she is able to share her fashionable looks with her followers and inspire many generations with her chic looks and spirit.
Cristiano Ronaldo
One of the world’s most famous and successful soccer players has made a notable impact on the fashion industry. From sharing his impeccable wardrobe on social media to being the face of numerous major fashion brands’ advertising campaigns to demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit in launching his Nike-sponsored clothing line, CR7, the Portuguese superstar has successfully shown his long-lasting impression in both sports and fashion.
Russell Westbrook
This nine-time NBA All-Star is known for his dynamic style on and off the court. In the fashion world, Westbrook reflects his personality through bold and fearless apparel choices, often characterized by vibrant colors, unique prints and daring silhouettes. Undoubtedly, his styles have set him apart from many others and made him a standout figure in the realm of athlete fashion. 
One of Brodie’s winter 2021 outfits, which consisted of a Namesake padded snow gray jacket, Bode striped sweatpants and a pair of gray Nike dunk lows, is still my personal favorite to this day. The superstar’s passion for fashion also extends to his philanthropic endeavors, with the establishment of his Why Not? Foundation, which supports community-based education and family service programs while emphasizing the importance of personal style and confidence.
Serena Williams
The tennis legend, who has dominated her sport for decades, has also inspired countless fans and admirers to embrace their unique looks. Williams has successfully ventured into the fashion industry by launching her clothing line, S by Serena, which offers a range of stylish and versatile pieces, from casual to formal, designed to empower women of all body types. The collection aims to champion inclusivity and fight constraints holding women from expressing their personal style. 
Williams’s presence at prestigious fashion events and her features in high-profile fashion magazines further amplify her status as a style icon. She continues to redefine the relationship between sports and fashion, making the intersection between the two more visible than ever.

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