Malaika Arora has an amazing homemade hair oil recipe for thick and shiny hair


Malaika Arora has been posting her favourite secret recipes and tricks with her fans while in lockdown in an effort to share her favourite wellness hacks. The star took to Instagram over the last month to extol the importance of drinking water and exercising well, while including recipes of an immunity-boosting drink and a home remedy for better digestive health.

But for beauty fans that have always double-tapped Arora’s selfies and glamour photos, her latest addition to the series, “#MalaikasNuskha” is a hair oil recipe for boosting growth and shine. “We all want shiny luscious hair but we often fall short of taking care of them as much as we should. For some women hair is their identity and they deserve equal care just like your other body parts. Here’s an age-old but still effective method to maintain your mane,” shared Arora in the caption.

In her video, she mentioned that her strands were prone to damage due to the different hair products she used, and that a hair massage every weekend with her recipe could help stop the damage in its tracks. “On the weekends I get a nice oil massage or champi and I’ve been doing this for years” she shared. Oiling hair moisturises strands from the root to tip, increasing the tensile strength of the hair while reducing frizziness and breakage. The actual physical massage also helps stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp.

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