5 ways to keep skin oil-free in summers


Our skin tends to get oily during monsoons, as humidity increases. And, as the skin gets greasy, pores get blocked and lead to acne, making your skin look dull. To combat that extra shine on the face, we have listed five tips which will you give you glowing skin without that extra grease:
1. Avoid make-up
One of the best ways to keep your skin clean is to avoid applying too many products. Heavy make-up can clog up pores and lead to excess oil production. Give your skin a breather and stick to lightweight products only when needed.

2. Use blotting paper
One must always keep blotting papers in the bag, which can come really handy in this weather. During the day, you can use paper to dab on the face to absorb excess oil.
3. Wash your face
One of the best skincare habits to follow during this weather is to wash your face two to three times a day.
4. Swap your products
During this season, swap your skincare products which suit oily skin type. You can replace nourishing face washes with cleansing ones. And, for creams, one can use water and gel-based creams.

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