Self-Care Sunday: 14 Expert Tips For A Self-Care Ritual Rooted In Beauty


We know that for real, sustainable, and meaningful self-care, you need to go deeper than a face mask. Self-care, at its core, is about connecting with yourself, grounding your emotions, and tending to your own needs. However, sometimes in the pursuit of this radical self-care, you just might want to stop and apply that aforementioned face mask. After all, self-care looks different for each of us—and for beauty fans, sometimes it really does mean taking care of your skin, hair, and body.

Here, we listed some of our favorite advice from experts on achieving your ultimate self-care ritual, well beauty ritual. We’ve included some product recs, but most are easy, affordable things you can try at home. (There shouldn’t be a barrier to entry for self-care, full stop.) Pick-and-choose what works best for you, adapt them to your life and routine, and have a happy little Sunday:

. Make a hydrating rosewater mist.
A rosewater mist has become a favorite among natural beauty users—and making one yourself can be an easy, wonderfully aromatic activity. Not only will you end the day with a brand-new beauty product, but you’ll have the joy of a day spent with flowers and concocting your own experiment.

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