In just one month, Trump commits a whole new set of potentially impeachable offenses


President Trump’s contempt for the Constitution is deepening at an accelerating pace.

How can I tell?

In a June 28 column, I updated the articles of impeachment, imagining as a thought experiment that the Senate had postponed action at the beginning of the year rather than voting to acquit. Based on Trump’s behavior in the intervening five months and what we had learned of his earlier actions, I argued that at least four new articles were warranted.

Now, only four weeks later, there’s enough misbehavior to lengthen the indictment just as much again.

To be clear: I am not suggesting that the House should again impeach the president. It’s up to the voters to render judgment, and we will have our chance soon enough.

But the thought experiment is valuable as a measure of whether Trump was chastened by becoming only the third president in history to be impeached, as some Republican senators assured us he would be — and as a warning of what we might expect if he is returned to office for a second term.

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