iOS 14: How To Use Apple’s Game-Changing New iPhone Privacy Features


Apple’s iOS 14 operating system update has just been released, with a bunch of game-changing new features to boost your security and privacy. Apple first confirmed many of these new iPhone features back in June at its WWDC conference, and I’ve now been using the finished version of iOS 14 for a few days.

My first impressions are, it’s a welcome upgrade to the brilliant security and privacy features already available since iOS 13—which give you far more control over who can track you on your iPhone. But iOS 14 takes that one step further with the much more granular controls that we need in our everyday lives as privacy on the iPhone becomes even more important.

Here are a few tips based on the features I’ve enabled since upgrading to iOS 14.

I’ll start with the best. Apple’s iOS 13 started the location privacy onslaught, with options for location tracking just when using an app. Now in iOS 14, a new feature allows you to give you approximate location to apps that need to know where you are in order to function properly—without giving away exactly where you are.

This was the first privacy feature I used in iOS 14, as I was pretty excited about it. You can find it by going into your Settings

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