Get glowing skin like Beyoncé’s with these beauty tips


We all want smooth, glowing, breakout skin free from hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and wrinkles. However, thanks to our diets, lifestyle, exposure to different elements and of course age and genetics, our desire for baby-smooth skin might be nothing more than that, a desire.

Nevertheless, with the use of different products and living a healthy life, we can get nice-looking skin like that of many of our favourite celebrities like Beyoncé.

1. Moisturise

Whether you have dry, normal or oily skin, it’s important to moisturise. One of Beyoncé’s skin secrets is to go to bed with well-moisturised skin. In an interview with Elle, she said, “I go to bed looking totally greasy.”

2. Take your makeup off before bed

After a long day the last thing you’d want to do is take the time to remove your makeup and do your nighttime skincare routine. But the benefits of going to bed with clean skin far outweigh giving in to just sleeping in your makeup. To get her glowing skin, Queen Bey takes off her makeup no matter how tired she is.

3. Use gold eyeshadow in inner tear ducts

I’ve watched my fair share of makeup videos to learn that putting a little white eyeshadow on my inner tear ducts will help me look more awake. However, Beyoncé opts for gold eyeshadow instead because it’s less glaring than white eyeshadow but has the same effect.

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