Beauty tips and tricks in the era of Zoom


For those of you out there who enjoy pinning self-view during Zoom seminar. We see you. We do it, too. Now that I venture out-of-doors at most twice a week, putting on makeup feels like a vestigial ritual of a happier, bygone time. I choose to do it anyway, because I feel that the process of painting my face every morning brings me a sense of calm and collectedness I need to confront each new day. However, as with other aspects of my life, I’ve found it necessary to tailor my daily makeup routine a bit to be more suitable for the demands of what constitutes the “new normal”: namely, hours of back-to-back video calls on our beloved teleconferencing platform, Zoom.

Here are some of the tips and tricks for Zoom makeup that I’ve picked up from playing around these past few months. Whether you’re a fellow die-hard makeup enthusiast or just someone interested in experimenting with their look, I hope some of these can be helpful for you!

Clean, radiant skin WITHOUT using “Touch up my appearance”: a step-by-step.

One of my greatest insecurities, both in-person and online, is how my skin texture looks without base makeup. I frequently experience a fair amount of acne, which I used to cover up with a full face of foundation every day back on campus. These days, my skin is doing much better than before, but I still have to deal with some acne scarring and a few pesky breakouts here and there. Fortunately, one benefit of being on Zoom is that discoloration and skin texture are generally much less visible on video. Unless you’ve got a 4K HD Twitch-streaming webcam, the low resolution of your built-in FaceTime camera has somewhat of a blurring effect on your skin, even without the “Touch up my appearance” option enabled. As such, I’ve been getting away with a foundation-free, lower-coverage base routine that I want to share with you today!

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