Five fashion tips for when you have to turn your Zoom camera on


you just rolled out of bed and into your chair for a Zoom class. All is going well until your professor reminds you that it’s mandatory to turn your camera on. You haven’t changed your clothes or showered in three days. Sound familiar?

It’s no surprise that people have no idea how to style themselves for Zoom — the world of virtual learning and meetings is new to everyone. But, that doesn’t change the fact that most people still want to look good through a webcam.

Here are a few tips to help you look fresh on any Zoom call.

1. Change out of your pyjamas

It may seem like a great idea to stay comfortable all day, however, studies show that people associate clothing with the tasks and emotions they generally experience in those clothes. So if you’ve ever felt tired in class while wearing your pyjamas, it’s likely your brain thinks it’s time to sleep. Instead, try striking a balance between comfort and style, by wearing a monochrome tracksuit or an outfit with a loose-fitting silhouette.

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