5 Essential Makeup Brushes To Give Your Makeup Look A Flawless Finish


Now is the time to upgrade your vanity with these makeup brushes to slay your makeup look.

The perfect makeup brush can take a look straight to the top. The face is a canvas and a makeup brush is the right product to glam it up. The right makeup brush will help you blend powders and liquids to that your base is flawless and nothing else. Makeup brushes are a necessity in our beauty kit and one is never enough. If your vanity kit is still lacking with this makeup essential, well fret not. We have curated a list of makeup brushes that will notch up your makeup look like never before.

We Have Handpicked Makeup Brushes For You

These makeup brushes are a must-have in your beauty box.

1.Generic Oval Foundation Brush

The brush has a solid coloured thick handle and white bristles in an oval shape. It is used to blend liquid and cream makeup products on the face.

Oval Makeup Brush

The oval shape of the brush allows you to blend the makeup easily with a broad handle that gives good grip.

2. Macplus Makeup Powder Brush

This sleek design makeup brush comes with grey bristles and has a normal handle for the grip. The bristles are made of nylon fibre.

Powder Makeup Brush

The firm handle of the brush gives a great grip, allowing you to blend your makeup easily.

3. Gubb Hd Foundation Brush For Face Makeup

This sleek brush comes with flat bristles and is a great choice for applying foundation on your face. It has a wooden handle.

Foundation Makeup Brush

The wooden handle of the brush makes it lightweight and the sleek design makes it compact and portable.

4. Miniso Makeup Brush Set Of 7 Pieces

This set of makeup brushes from Miniso comes in a set of seven pieces, each of different shape and size which can be used for different purposes. The bristles are made of synthetic material.

Set of 7 Makeup Brushes

Who would say no to this deal? Seven brushes for different makeup purposes which you can easily choose as per the need.

5. Swiss Beauty Professional Face And Eye Brush Set

This brush set from Swiss Beauty comes in a pack of six, two broad and four narrow brushes. It has brush names on the handles, making it easy for you to select.

Face And Eye Makeup Brush Set

Each brush is made for different use. Be it powder makeup or cream or liquid ones, these brushes are perfect to blend it all.

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