18 Korean Romantic Movies That’ll Make You Fall in Love With Love


There’s nothing that satisfies my inner romantic like a good movie about love. Even though I’ve probably seen every love story cliché play out on screen, there are just some films that never fail to give me the butterflies—no matter how cheesy they might be. This is especially true for Korean onscreen romances. They have a certain indescribable charm that I cannot resist. Part of it is in the storytelling, but there’s always the beauty of South Korea in the backdrop, which gets me every time. And let’s not forget the handsome oppas. I mean, what’s not to love here?

The next time you’re looking for a cute picker-upper, or a heavy drama that’ll make you cry your eyeballs out, I suggest you look no further than the list below. These are some of the best Korean romantic movies of all time.

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