70 Birthday Instagram Captions to Celebrate ALLLLL the Birthdays


Assuming that you’ve made it here because it’s 11:59, a loved one (possibly even you!) is about to have a birthday in one minute, and you’re scrambling to come up with the absolute perfect caption for their bday post, without repeating exactly what you wrote last year. Or, perhaps you’re organized and just checking out some birthday Instagram caption ideas for future celebratory moments.

We hear you, it’s a lot of pressure making a post for those people who make the main grid, especially because one (one!!) day a year is dedicated solely to celebrating your bestie, your mother, your sister, and whoever else is on your Close Friends list on IG. The biggest challenge is probably that S.O. post (Is this the first birthday you guys are spending together after DTRing? Have you been together so many years at this point that you’re running out of things to write that’ll actually capture everything about the person that you love?).

Don’t worry. If you’re wondering, Ugh, how in the hell do I commemorate someone’s birthday who just means so much to me? then open Instagram, pick a cute photo, and let us do the rest. After all, the app was pretty much created for this, right?

The thing is, you can now relax and take a mini mental break because we’ve come up with every possible caption for whatever pic you decide to post. Keep on scrolling for the 70 birthday Instagram captions that’ll secure alll the double taps and give you and the birthday queens (or kings!) the clout they deserve.

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