You Can Finally DIY Your Favorite Chillhouse Manicure From Home


Still haven’t mastered the art of the perfect at-home manicure? Leave it to NYC nail haven Chillhouse to take care of that.

Whether you’re having nail salon withdrawals or are simply in desperate need of a fun design to lift your spirits while scrolling through the daily shit storm on your phone, Chill Tips are here to save the day. Because the last thing you need right now are sad nails.

“After over three years of being known for our nail art and attracting customers from around the world into our NYC stores, I’m SO excited to be able to bring a piece of our physical experience into homes everywhere,” says Chillhouse founder and CEO Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton. “The product was conceptualized in early 2020 but we fast-tracked it based on the current needs of the world. We understand the retail experience is a bit hard to swallow right now, so we hope Chill Tips provide another way to practice self-care in the safest way possible.”

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