8 Tips on Caring for Your Lips This Winter


Take proper care of your lips this winter to avoid the usual dryness and irritation.

Don’t lick.

Although you may feel your lips drying out, avoid licking them constantly. This process can lead to even greater drought. The enzymes in saliva are used to digest food, and they irritate the lips.

Avoid certain ingredients in balms.

Avoid balms containing camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol during the cold season. These ingredients can actually cause dryness, meaning these balms will only soften the lips for a short time before beginning to chap or dry out later.

Treat damaged lips.

It’s very important to take care of dry and cracked lips as soon as possible. If you do not treat your lips in time, inflammation can occur later, making them harder and more uncomfortable to treat.

Use medical treatments before bed.

To help your lips regain moisture and softness, apply medications before going to bed. At night when the body is at rest, regenerative processes take place. Lubricating the lips overnight with healing and restorative treatments will allow your lips to best absorb the ingredients and retain their effects.

Look for balms with oils.

Choose a lip balm soaked in oils or glycerin. These substances will protect your lips for a long time and prevent them from drying out.

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