Yoga Fashion Trends For Summer 2020


Yoga has been around for just about 5,000 years, and it’s still one of the trendiest forms of exercise out there. Since it’s adaptable to everyone and can be practiced just about anywhere, it’s one of the most lifestyle-friendly ways to keep your body and mind in shape. Whether you’ve been hooked on your practice for years, or you’re just testing the waters, here are some of our favorite yoga fashion pieces to help you find your flow in style.

Cool Racerback II

Don’t let the constant need to readjust your yoga top interrupt your Om. The ultra-soft lululemon Cool Racerback II offers a contoured fit and some extra length, so it’s guaranteed to stay in place no matter how you twist and stretch.

If you’re looking to bring a little extra flare to the mat, you need to know about Wolven leggings. The Zephyr Crossover mixes function and fashion with discrete slip pockets, a comfortable crossover waistband, and a haute-couture inspired, black and gold print. Wolven also uses recycled materials in their apparel, and removes a pound of plastic from the ocean for every purchase.

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