Why This Thom Browne Alum and Favourite of Lady Gaga Is Launching Bridal Right Now


You may not know the name Jackson Wiederhoeft, but you’ve definitely seen his work. The young designer has created custom pieces for Rihanna, Aquaria, and Lil’ Kim, and most recently, he made the pink bow-bedecked costume Lady Gaga wore in her “Stupid Love” video. Wiederhoeft honed his talents for handwork while working alongside Thom Browne where he focused specifically on embroidery.

Before the pandemic forced him into lockdown, Wiederhoeft had been busy working on his ready-to-wear and developing a bridal collection for an April debut. Those plans were naturally put on hold, but now he’s ready to take the plunge. Yesterday he launched a bridal offering of 23 pieces, including corsets, masks, skirts, tiaras, and veils.

Why pursue a bridal collection right now? The world is still very much in a Covid-19 holding pattern. Weddings have been cancelled or scaled down significantly, and brides are shopping for their big days differently than they have in the past. Still, Wiederhoeft believes now is actually an exciting time to work with brides, whether they’re doing an intimate, at-home ceremony or planning for next year and beyond. He sees it as an opportunity to dress brides in couture pieces that they’d probably never dreamed of wearing for their walk down the aisle. Just as he helped create fantasies at Thom Browne and for Lady Gaga, the designer is hoping to create a much-needed sense of escapism for wedding celebrants.

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