Mary Justice Designs’ furniture highlights Indonesian nature, history


Clouded leopards, lionfish, nutmeg trees and other examples of Indonesia’s rich wildlife now appear on tables, lazy Susans and other pieces of furniture thanks to a team of expert artists.

Mary Justice Designs, a new Bali-based luxury furniture company, uses sustainable, handmade furniture to showcase the natural beauty and history of Indonesia. The company was created by Mary Justice Thomasson with a team of Indonesian artists responsible for the expertly crafted pieces.

While the company is new, the idea is not. Thomasson has been working on her vision for the past two years, and her connection with Indonesia goes even back further.

Born to an antiques dealer mother and an archaeologist father, Thomasson said a love of travel and fine arts was in her blood. She’s traversed the world and has spent more than 30 years in Asia, the last 15 living in Bali. Throughout her time in Bali, she developed a passion for Indonesia and wanted to create something unique to represent the country.

“Indonesia, I fell in love with slowly but I fell deeply,” said Thomasson. “This whole creation and idea have never been done before, and it just came out of my head out of the beauty that I saw here and wanted to express somehow.”

A team of talented artists have helped her realize her vision of creating furniture with the sensibilities of fine art.

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