Wallgoldfinger Furniture unveils new line of tables and credenzas


Doko line crafted of cast acrylic, stone and veneer

Wallgoldfinger Furniture has unveiled a new line, called Doko, which includes conference tables and credenzas. The company said it created the line for the “resimercial” market, which brings residential furnishings into the workplace.

“We’re excited about this line and where it will place us within the fixed conference and ‘resimercial’ market,” said John Wall, WallGoldfinger Furniture vice president of sales. “WallGoldfinger has historically been known for its custom work and reconfigurable table lines, but we know easier to spec, fixed conference lines are in high demand. We are pleased to provide designers and businesses a new, versatile option.”

Wall said the line includes round, square and rectangular conference tables with radiused corners and credenzas with rounded corners.

The name of the new line comes from the shape of the conference table base, which is reminiscent of the inverted shape of doko baskets used by porters to carry goods in regions like Nepal. The company said the line is both modern and traditional.

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