2 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired


To avoid appearing tired on Zoom calls, learn how to fix these simple makeup missteps.

Even with canceled physical meetings, the past year’s move to Zoom and video conferencing showed us that makeup is a recurring feature to improve.

Considering the challenges we face on a daily basis, it may not be surprising that we are looking and feeling a little more exhausted than usual. While makeup can definitely help you look more alive, there are a couple common mistakes that may make you look even more tired. Fortunately, we have the fix.

The first tip is to take it easy with the bronzer. Most people think it will add a little healthy color, but if you use too much product it can have the opposite effect.

Colors much darker than your natural skin tone can really emphasize the imperfections of your face. Instead, bet on a more natural illuminator. Rub a little on your fingers, then lightly pat your cheeks.

Makeup artist Kay Montano is a big fan of the transforming effect of blush when you’re tired. “Pink creates the impression of youth and vitality,” she says. “For a uniform application, I use a small round blush brush to add a touch of color to the cheekbones. It’s such a simple step for your makeup routine, but it will add instant freshness to your skin.”

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