Waco Furniture Warehouse opening despite the pandemic


WACO, TX — Despite the pandemic, the Waco Furniture Warehouse is opening for business.
Filled with rustic or farmhouse looking furniture, each piece is made out of real wood.

Owner, Brad Sedberry, and manager Kelly Gray are excited to welcome in those looking to revamp and redecorate their home.

“I think we got products that people are going to like and see. So it’s worth getting out of the house, that’s a challenge these days,” Sedberry said.

They’re noticing that many are looking to buy a few new pieces because homeowners been staring at the same ones for months.

‘As they sit at home during the pandemic, we notice they want to update and change things and we have lots of options to do that with,” Gray said.

Sedberry and Gray are constantly updating their stock for new furniture pieces but also if you want to buy it, there’s no waiting period. They have it, in-store ready to go.

They’ll be keeping things, clean, sanitized and the warehouse is spacious so there’s plenty of room for social distancing.

“Just don’t be afraid to come in, it’s a really easy shopping environment, we’re here to help you and answer questions,” Sedberry said.

The Waco Furniture Warehouse grand opening is on September 3rd. Their hours of operation after will be Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the corner of Austin Avenue and 18th street.

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