12 Interior Designers on the Woman-Designed Home Items They Love Most


Despite women making up 94 percent of buying power for home goods, the woodworking, crafting, and manufacturing industry is predominantly male. “In a time where we are all striving to shine lights on unheard voices, we must put our ‘money where our mouth is’ by supporting these businesses and the stories they tell,” reminds Candace Rimes, of interior design firm Fogarty Finger.

So, during Women’s History Month, Vogue wanted to highlight artisans whose works make our homes that much more haute. We asked 12 interior designers to share their favorite female makers and why, exactly, they love them. Some names you may recognize—the objects d’art of Zaha Hadid need no introduction—and some designs may be familiar (Lina Bo Bardi’s Bowl chair, for example, is in the MoMA’s permanent collection). But with others, this may be the first time you’re learning of the creator, and their style, at all. The overall result? A comprehensive list of home decor tips with intention—a starting point for refreshing your space and supporting women makers all at the same time.

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