Use this stuck-at-home holiday to finally get those decorations under control


It’s a holiday season unlike any other. We’ve been keeping our social distance from family and friends for nine months and counting. Now, thanks to the pandemic, we won’t be able to host or attend our traditional festivities to mark the winter holidays. Many of us are using our extra time at home this holiday season to focus on how we need and want our immediate surroundings to feel as we close out this exhausting year. After so much stress and so much time spent in our homes, I have found that a lot of people are striving for simplicity and less chaos.

This quieter-than-usual month leaves plenty of time for decluttering and organizing, and the top candidates for those tasks are all the holiday decorations, ornaments, tabletop accessories and gift wrap that have accumulated over the years but are not used or displayed. Here’s how you can start getting your (holiday) home in order.

Holiday decorations

Because the Christmas season is marketed as such a joyous and memorable time and all the decor is central to how we prepare to celebrate, it’s easy to impulsively buy a lot of the cute, sparkly decorations and accumulate more than we could possibly display. My mom has passed down items to me, I’ve received a lot of lovely decorations from friends and family, and I’ve bought many items, too. So when I bring down the Christmas bins from the attic each year, there is always more stuff than I had the previous year.

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