11 Style Rules Miley Cyrus Has Been Following For Years


“We Can’t Stop” wishing we could raid her closet.

Miley Cyrus’ style has certainly evolved over the years, going from her country roots and Hannah Montana days to the rebellious risk taker we know and love today. She has long since said goodbye cowboy boots and hats (and, gah! — skirts over footless tights?), trading them in for a badass rock and roll vibe that showcases her ability pull off any tricky combination (even if it involves questionable pieces, like fully embroidered vests).

Still, while Cyrus’ current fashion choices look quite different from, say, circa 2007 Miley, there are a few staples she’s continued to rely on over the years. And, even better? They’re actually versatile items that belong in everyone’s closet. With a few quick moves and additional accessories, you can easily add your own personal twist, cycling through them again and again with different pairings.

We’ve rounded up 11 pieces of clothing and accessories that Cyrus has been wearing for multiple years, proving that, like most style icons, she sticks to a handful of fashion rules. Honestly, she slays us with every single look — and we’re a prisoner to her fashion game.

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