Top Trends from Paris Fashion Week 2021


As always, Paris Fashion Week 2021 was celeb-packed, with fan favorites such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell making an appearance. The ten-day-long fashion extravaganza might have drawn a star-studded crowd, but if it’s the hottest trends you are interested in, we’ve got you covered.

From retro disco-inspired looks to cozy apres-ski styles, Paris Fashion Week 2021 featured it all. In this short guide, we will take you through ten of the top looks seen on the runway in the French capital’s trendiest event.

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1. Sustainable Fashion

With more and more people taking action against climate change, it comes as no surprise that the most notable trend from Paris Fashion Week 2021 was sustainable fashion.

Whilst sustainability is a term often thrown around in the fashion world, it seems like designers are actually taking note this year. For example, Gabriela Hearst, known for her eco-friendly approach, used old jewelry to create metal adornments for her dresses – which were also made from upcycled materials.

Stella McCartney also made an effort to design more environmentally-friendly pieces this season. The flagship piece of the latest collection is the world’s first handbag to be made from vegan mycelium leather, which is made from mushrooms.

2. Knitwear Head-to-Toe

Don’t worry if you’re always feeling cold – knitwear isn’t going anywhere this season. With many of the top luxury fashion houses, including Chloé and Acne Studios showcasing top-to-toe cozy knits, you can be sure you’re not going to be cold this winter!

3. Zip-Up Tops

After staying at home for months on end, it is hardly surprising that we’ve grown to love the stay-at-home, comfortable look. So designers at Paris Fashion Week 2021 took note, with many replacing cumbersome button fastenings with convenient zippers.

It isn’t just zip-up hoodies, either. The runway was met with zip-up everything this year, from blazers to gym tops.

4. Après-Ski Style

Here’s another winner for those who often feel the cold in winter and fall, the apres-ski style is as on-trend as ever!

From puffer jackets to moon boots, the top fashion houses are all about staying extra cozy this season. Miu Miu, Chanel, and Sonia Rykiel are just some of the names taking inspiration from the Winter Olympics with their fall/winter collections.

5. Trendy Workwear

Although we might have been working at home in our pajamas recently, more traditional workwear was the inspiration for some designers, most notably Miu Miu, during Paris Fashion Week 2021.

However, these aren’t pieces you’ll want to wear to the office – the back-to-work style has had a sexy revamp for this season! Think tailored shorts and skirts with ultra-short hemlines and cropped collared shirts.

6. Show Your Midriff

After months of hiding away in baggy clothing, styles that show the midsection are making a big revival this season. It is no longer a high-waisted jeans’ moment – fall/winter 2021 is all about showing off your midriff, whether that’s through cropped, sheer, or open garments.

Although this style may not be for everyone, designers such as Isabel Marant and Ludovic de Saint Sernin would disagree.

7. Hot Colors – Yellow, Lilac & Red

These three colors were prominent on the runway during Paris Fashion Week this year. Yolk yellow was a particular favorite, with designers including Vaquera, Patou, and Nehera taking note. This shade isn’t quite as bold as bright yellow, nor as dark as gold, instead of sitting somewhere in the middle.

Lilac is also set to be a hit during fall, featuring in many collections, including Courreges, Givenchy, and Dawei. This pale shade was seen on a variety of pieces, including dresses, jackets, and two-piece co-ord sets. So, no matter what type of lilac clothing you go for this season, you can be sure you’ll be bang on-trend.

Deep, rich rose petal red was another color that was a favorite on the runway this season. If you’re looking for a dramatic look this fall, this is the shade to go for. It is a particular favorite of French haute couture designers such as Courreges, Dior, and Alexandre Vauthier.

8. Catsuits

Quite a few retro trends were given a revival during Paris Fashion Week 2021, from layers and layers of tulle to bold cutout dresses.

One prevailing style was the 80s catsuit, which featured prominently in Balenciaga’s collection. Just like the 80s, spandex was the primary material, too. Perhaps Kim Kardashian’s controversial, eyebrow-raising Met Gala look was inspired by this trend.

9. Metallics & Sequins

Nostalgic metallic and sequined pieces are making a comeback this year, just in time for all those Christmas parties we missed last year! Balmain’s latest collection featured a range of gorgeous, shimmery metallic dresses in a variety of shapes and cuts. The brand also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the current creative director during Fashion Week.

When it comes to sequins, Givenchy took center stage. Like metallics, this 80s disco style is perfect for parties and is a look you’re sure to wear time and time again.

Take note from Givenchy’s show and team a floor-length sequined gown with a tailored blazer, or follow Coperni and pair your sequined crop top with cargo pants to change things up. Isabel Marant was also in on the sequined look, featuring low-rise denim emblazoned with sequins.

10. Mixed Media

The final retro trend that proved a hit at Paris Fashion Week 2021 was mixed media pieces. Hermès was the pioneer in this style, showcasing a collection of pieces using canvas and leather for a traditional yet standout look. ##

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