These Are the 9 Hair-Color Trends to Bookmark in 2021


From boxed hair dye to “banded” roots to the decidedly unintentional DIY “home-bré,” the world of hair color in 2020 quickly spiraled into unchartered territory as salon closures swept the country for the better part of the year. Now, with resolutions on the mind – and yet, still not a damn clue how the impending months will unfold – experts say the biggest color trends you’ll see in 2021 will lean one of two ways: either very low-key or kicked up 10 octaves.

“This has been an exhausting and emotional year for everyone; it has been hard to get into the salon and many people are steering toward a low-maintenance direction,” said celebrity hairstylist Bianca Hillier.

“In the past, people were more dedicated to visiting the salon and committing to color that requires frequent upkeep for highlights and bases that demand frequent toners. Right now, with everything that has been going on in the world, color that’s extremely low-maintenance will be the vibe.”