5 beauty tips we’ve learnt from beauty pros


We all have little make-up tricks that work for us – whether it’s the way we apply our mascara or pinching our brush when we apply blusher.

Chances are you’ve forgotten where you’ve picked them up from because you’ve been doing them so long. But as make-up trends shift and new products are released, new tricks come with them.

Earlier this month, at the John Lewis & Partners Virtual Beauty Weekend, my John Lewis members (join now for free to get exclusive access to upcoming events) got access to some of the top beauty experts in the industry who shared their favourite tips on how to use their hero products.

From getting a natural glow to making your lipstick last longer than you can, here are the best things we learned at the event…

1. Mix up the matte

Beauty journalist and broadcaster Sali Hughes took attendees through her must-have Estée Lauder products and encouraged us all to not church and state your skincare and make-up.

Her top tip was to try using Advanced Night Repair with foundation (especially matte make-up) to make your skin look more natural on the nose and help let features like freckles show through.

2. Watch your tone

While chatting about getting that effortless French beauty look, Nikki Makeup shared that you shouldn’t be using just one concealer shade.

Try a concealer that has two tones – like Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage. Your face isn’t the same colour everywhere so using both or mixing them helps create a natural look.

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