These Amazing Highlighters Are All You Need For An Illuminated Glow


Only real makeup fanatics know the importance of highlighter and let’s be honest we all need one to glam our makeup game single-handedly. They might be shimmery in nature but they are the most versatile makeup pick one can own. They are the perfect way to add a glow to your look. If you still have not owned one of them then trust us, you are truly lacking. To help you pick the best one, we have curated a list that has the best highlighters for you. From lightweight textures to creamy formulations, we have all of it here.

Make some room for these highlighters in your makeup kit right now.

This liquid highlighter by Maybelline has illuminating micro-pearls that blend flawlessly onto the skin and gives a beautiful glowing look.

Liquid Highlighter

The liquid formulation of the highlighter makes it super easy for you to blend and use it.

This highlighter has a lightweight formulation and does not feel sticky on the skin. It is anti-inflammatory and aids texture correction. It is free from parabens and is 100% vegan.

Lightweight Highlighter

The lightweight texture of this highlighter makes it easy for you to apply it and wear it for long hours as well.

Featuring a long-lasting water sheen effect, this highlighter from Europe Girl has a lightweight texture. It is super blendable and gives an intense illuminating finish.

Creamy Texture Highlighter

The creamy texture applies easily and blends in no time, making it absolutely worth a buy.

This highlighter comes in a stick format and is compact and sleek, which makes it easy for you to carry as well. It gives a smooth finish and glides easily.

Stick Highlighter

The stick pattern of this highlighter makes application easy and gives a smooth finish.

This highlighter palette from Swiss Beauty comes with 6 different metallic shades and gives you a variety to choose from to create new makeup looks.

Colourful Highlighter

The six different shades are perfect to add a pop of colour as per your choice to your makeup.

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