The modern French-Girl beauty tips Emily in Paris has given us


Brought to us by Sex And The City creator, Darren Star, with a costume wardrobe realised by Carrie Bradshaw’s own personal IRL stylist, Patricia Fields, Netflix’s latest blockbuster show, Emily In Paris, is a riot of fashion, fun and adventure.

Imagine the sartorial flair of SATC, the old-school glamour of Audrey Hepburn and some cracking panoramic shots of the Eiffel Tower and you’re just about there.

The plot sees Chicago native, Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, land in the French capital to give her global firm’s Paris-based advertising team an “American perspective”. Living out our tourist fantasies while we’re all stuck on the sofa, we follow Emily gallivanting around the city, hitting the ballet and swilling glasses of bordeaux.

Expect berets, baguettes, birkins and some very dashing hommes (that’s er, French for men, btw). Let’s not be snobby about it. It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s ridiculous; it might be cliched, but it’s also exactly the escapism we all very much need.

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