Beauty tips: Mask-friendly makeup and how to groom for Zoom


Zoom meetings, wearing masks, living a virtual life online and more: The pandemic has had a strong impact on how we live. A fair amount of daily activities once done physically are now done in a very different way.

We are probably all guilty of video-conferencing dressed from the waist up but, instead of pretending, we can embrace that!

Here are a few ideas on how to style your hair, makeup and accessories for virtual interactions.

When you style your hair before a virtual interaction on screen like Zoom you are typically looking for something quick and easy. You want minimal effort to be camera ready.

Short hair: Straightening it is a classic and you cannot go wrong.
Longer hair: Try simple beach waves by tying your hair up and then curling your hair from the ponytail. When you open up the pony tail you have loose beach curls.

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