The Decorative Objet D’Art Edit For The Home


From derrière-inspired vases, to gorgeous coffee table books, and modernist sweetie jars, add these stylish wears and curiosities to your home landscape.

Harcourt Amphora Vase by Baccarat: A striking piece, here modernity meets timelessness with this beautifully intricate Baccarat vase. The classic shape looks a little tipsy though, and the statement comes in form of the slanted angle.

Heavy Load by Kelly Allsopp: For Allsopp, it was a trip to Shanghai and a live insect market that sparked her imagination, and has since influenced her sculptural pieces. This one, entitled ‘Heavy Load’ features a slick glazed ceramic base, ceramic ants with lustre finish, parian hornet.

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Popotin Ceramic Vase by Anissa Kermiche: This has become an ultra-famous vase for London-based jeweler Kermiche, and not only comes in this muted silver tone, there’s a whole host of other colors and size variants depending on your derrière preference. Made from ceramic, it has a textured finish and is Anissa’s very own ode to women.

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