8 Ayurvedic beauty tips that will be your skin’s saviour in 2021


To achieve flawless looking skin, no matter how many creams and lotions you apply, sometimes what you need is nothing but nani-daadi’s trusted remedies. These remedies are not just skin-friendly but are also pocket-friendly. Plus, for these, you need to do nothing but turn to your kitchen or home-grown garden and voila! You have all the ingredients that you need to save your skin from pimple, acne and more.

This brings us to the main subject – ayurvedic beauty tips for skin. Now before you acquaint yourself with the tips, better understand how ayurvedic skincare is different from all. Unlike other routines recommended by most dermatologists, ayurvedic treatment lets your skin take charge and not creams.

In this, the healing of skin issues like blemishes come from within and aims at the overall glow. You cleanse, detox and tone using natural processes and ingredients alongside forming an inner-outer beauty balance.

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