The 17 Best Gifts for Brothers That’ll End Any Sibling Rivalry


Pass the olive branch.

Whether he’s younger, older, or from another mother, there is no untethering the bond between you and your brother. He is, after all, your blood—or as close to it as it gets. Indeed, he may act extra at times, but when you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, you can always rely on him to have your back. And this—contrary to the sibling rivalry trope—needs to be celebrated with a gift.

Show your brother that you value his camaraderie, that no matter how much distance may be between you both or how many squabbles you’ve had over the years, his sis will always be there with sound advice and boundless love. From a Motown-inspired skateboard to sneakers with panache, any one of these items will get the message across—sans heartfelt speech. Because gross.

Cool Kicks

For collectors, sneakers are anything but utilitarian. To wit, they are now sold at premiere auction houses and, for some designs, have long waiting lists. You probably get the same feeling about the latest designer heels and just need to have them before they sell out. Apply that same precision when shopping for kicks for your bro. And if you need help sourcing the best, we’ve got you covered with the choices ahead.

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