Apple Suddenly Confirms Surprise iPhone 12 Upgrade


The all-new iPhone 12 already looks like the year’s most competitively priced smartphone, and that was before Apple suddenly confirmed how it will now save you even more money.

Following a leak earlier this week that Apple will surprisingly include a fast 20W charger with the iPhone 12 (a massive step up from the iPhone 11’s 5W charger), Apple itself has now confirmed the upgraded charger (and a second model) by submitting it for certification in multiple countries.

Spotted by MySmartPrice, the public certification process in Norway (NEMKO) has made the new Apple charger official and its model number (A2305) matches the iPhone 12 leak. NEMKO documentation reveals the 20W charger’s power delivery (9V x 2.22A), USB-C port (the 5W iPhone 11 charger is USB-A) and that it supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) specification so it should fast charge rival smartphones as well.

In addition to this, both NEMKO and Australia’s certification process have confirmed a second charger with identical specifications and the model number A2247. I suspect this will be assigned to 20W chargers Apple sells separately, though that is just a hunch.

But the big news here is savings. The iPhone 12 is already $50 cheaper than its predecessor and that phone required you to spend a further $50 for an Apple fast charger ($30 for the charger, $19 for the Lightning to USB-C cable). This year you’re getting a $100 total saving and Apple’s 2019 fast chargers were 18W, so there’s a 10-12% power boost coming as well.

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