The 12 Kitchen Products Designers Swear By (or at Least Covet) Right Now


Every designer knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and when they aren’t spending time working on plans for clients’ cooking areas, the pros are scoping out food-and drink-related gadgets of all kinds. Here are 12 kitchen products that interior designers are loving—or are craving—at the moment, ranging from mod flatware to a luxe wine dispenser.

A Vitamix Blender

“My husband and I recently acquired our first Vitamix blender. The frozen margaritas he’s been making with them are delicious and a hit with our friends!” —Hallie Henley Sims, Hallie Henley Design.

A Guacamole Keeper

“One of my clients is a professional chef and she recently introduced me to a kitchen gadget that I gave to several family members as Christmas gifts. It’s the Casabella Guac-Lock guacamole keeper, which is a storage container that keeps guacamole from turning brown once it’s refrigerated. My foodie brother-in-law seems to know about every kitchen gadget out there but this one was new to him and even impressed him!” —Lindsey Gregg, LSG Interiors.

Black Flatware

“My flatware needs a refresh, and I’ve been eyeing a few sets with a black finish. This one from West Elm is my top contender,” —Heather Disabella, Heather DiSabella Interior Design.

A Miele Coffee Machine

“I’m eyeing a Miele coffee machine, which is Wi-Fi connected. My husband and I both work from home and have two little kids, so this would make our lives happy,” —Priya McCulloch, Designs by Priya.

A Cool Mint Dutch Oven

“I’ve always wanted a Le Creuset Dutch oven and they came out with a new color last year that happens to be my absolute favorite. Hoping to snag one of these for my new space,” —Orlando Soria, author, interior designer, and influencer.

A Wine Dispenser

“Wine dispensers encourage measured drinking, and you do not need to finish the entire bottle in one sitting. Plum preserves your bottle for 90 days. This means you can have that glass of wine without the need for overindulgence. This unit also recognizes your bottles and keeps them at the perfect temperature for a perfect pour every single time.” —Swati Goorha, Swati Goorha Interior Design.

A Compact Dish-Drying Rack

“I’m obsessed with integrating work spaces into the kitchen sink. We hand wash pots and knives etc., and dry them on top of a removable drying rack in the sink. This way, you don’t have to have a clunky drying rack taking up valuable countertop real estate! Ruvati makes a great option,” —Whitney Gelinas, Wit Interiors.

A Magimix Food Processor

“As with most people, I’ve been cooking a lot at home over the past couple of years and finally decided to take the plunge on a new food processor. The Magimix food processor from Robot-Coupe has taken my cooking game to new heights. Its choice of blades and settings have taken hours off of prep time, while adding inches to my waistline.” —Kevin Isbell, Kevin Isbell Interiors

A Display-Worthy Compost Bin

“Sustainability is on people’s minds right now—including mine. This product shows that composting can indeed be beautiful, too. It’s also perfect for small spaces,” —Olaniyi Swarn, J’adore le Decor.

An Air Fryer

“I’m coveting an air fryer, and I’m currently working on making room in my more compact kitchen for one! I love the crispy crunch and full flavor of fried foods, but I’d prefer the reduction in oil and grease that an air fryer provides. This model serves multiple duties, and looks pretty sharp. For the home cook, it’s a worthy investment. And for the design savvy chef, it comes in multiple color finishes and looks cute on your countertop, too,” —Noel Gatts, Beam & Bloom Interiors.

A “Nugget Ice” Maker

“For years I have been eyeing the GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker. It makes perfect little crushed ice pieces that would be perfect to use in my daily morning iced coffee, glasses of ice water, or cocktails for friends. It’s a bit pricey, but I think the cost per use will be worth it! One day, I will move it from our wish list to our shopping cart and purchase!” —Liz Goldberg, Carolynleona.

A Fashion-Forward Oven

“Café’s edge-to-edge six-burner, dual-fuel double oven is at the top of my list when it comes to kitchen products I am swooning over right now! Café offers many color options to customize your oven, but it is the matte white and brushed bronze hardware option that has my attention. This color combination provides the right amount of style and contrast—just what every kitchen needs to stand out. The integrated cast-iron griddle takes weekend brunch for my family of five to another level and the SmartHQ App makes managing cooking a breeze right from my phone. A beautiful marriage between performance and style!” —Anita Williams, PLD Design Studio.

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