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The great business adventure beauty From actress/singer Selena Gomez, if you haven’t already met her, it’s called Rare Beauty and ranges from lightweight foundations to dewy blush formulas and liquid eyeliner. It is available at Sephora for those who want to discover the entire line.

If you thought this was just another celebrity makeup line, think again after learning that Selena, who has been outspoken about her mental health struggles and how important mental health awareness is, has decided earmark 1% of all product sales—plus funds raised by partners—to their Rare Impact Fund to support mental health services.

She also started the line with the goal of “being an accessory to complement what is beautiful in you,” as she told Vogue. The collection certainly embodies this sentiment, with subtle terracotta-toned eyeshadows, dewy blush and shimmering lip balms. And while she’s definitely learned a thing or two about makeup after years at the hands of makeup artists on set, she admitted that It wasn’t until recent years that she realized how important skin care is. And this is exactly what she does in her beauty routine.

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