Thanks to These, My Furniture No Longer Wobbles, Shakes, or Slants


My building is fairly old and because all things start to give out with old age, the floors are warped pretty much everywhere. Warped floors mean one thing: wobbly, uneven furniture. In search of comrades in crookedness (the furniture, not the people), I found some unique suggestions. Some used matchbooks as shims, (the definitive word, I discovered recently, for what’s put under an uneven furniture leg) while others used tiny stacks of books or coasters, and most shockingly, some used empty tuna cans. I for one, used to opt for those little pads you put under chairs so they don’t scuff your wood floors. That ended when I woke up one night to find my dog had slipped them from under the furniture and was shredding them to bits. Thankfully, I found a few other shims that work great, and aren’t empty cans of tuna.

The first I’ll recommend are these shims that come in a pack of 20. They are actually meant to be stacked on top of each other, so you can stack a few and they’ll cohese as one. They also have grip on them like the bottom of a winter boot to ensure they don’t slide and that your furniture doesn’t either. Apparently, they can also function as door stops, but I haven’t tried it that way. Because they’re black, they blend in pretty well too, and I hardly notice they’re there.

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