Tangerine dream: orange for instant lift


Foundation and fake tan mishaps in the shade of Lucozade perpetrate a fear of orange makeup. Take that hue and transfer it to your lips (as at Margiela SS20), eyes or cheeks for a wonderful lift. Orange lipsticks, thanks to their plethora of undertones, are surprisingly inclusive: pastel or pinky versions work best on fairer tones; warm tangerines on olive and darker skins. Reddish oranges are universal. For cheeks and eyes, don’t be heavy-handed: a hint of colour (for eyes, a wash or liner) will suffice. Just resist the temptation to wear it all at once.

Products that claim to be multitaskers – you know, the ones that promise to banish wrinkles, lift your jowls and take your dog for a walk – are nothing new. Those that actually work? A rarity. Nowadays, however, less so. Which is just as well because there are numerous elements impacting the quality of our skin – from anxiety to blue light from your computer screens – and no one has the time to apply a million and one separate products morning and night to combat them all. Yes, even I, whose job it is to road test products so you don’t have to, see the sense in a less-is-more approach. And even if you did have all the time in the world, working out the sequence and which ingredients compliment each other, cancel each other out or work against each other is headache inducing. This creamy but lightweight serum simplifies the process. Created by Dr Sam Bunting, a Harley Street skincare specialist loved by beauty insiders, it combines specific percentages of active ingredients to combat lacklustre, dull skin. These are azelaic acid (for even-toned, breakout-free skin), niacinamide (reduces the look of lines and pores) and bakuchiol (the gentle retinol alternative that improves skin texture and elasticity). The result? A natural glow that could rival a highlighter. It took three years and 34 iterations to create this. Thankfully you won’t have to wait as long to see it deliver. Dr Sam Flawless Brightly Serum, £44,

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