While these other entertaining plans are worthy of your attention, don’t forget to plan for the star of the show – you! Start your beauty regimen today to be the best version of yourself for your wedding day.

There are three very important bridal beauty tips that are worth remembering. It’s natural to want your celebration to go according to plan and put your best fashion foot forward. But as you ponder the beauty plan for your special day, you should remember the following points:

You’re the Center of Attention in Pictures That Last Forever
In case you were thinking that no one is going to notice what wedding dress you picked or what makeup you use to highlight your features, think again. You and your soon-to-be husband or partner are undeniably the stars for the day. Your wardrobe, smiles and facial expressions will live forever in those expensive wedding pictures you’re buying, so take time to carefully plan “your look.”

Aim for a Flattering Version of You – Not a Fashion Model
Any beauty regime should be geared towards complimenting and highlighting your natural features. Your guests are attending your special day because they love and care about YOU and who YOU are. Don’t try to look like someone else.

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