Superyachts of the Future Will Include This Shocking Design


A “gaping hole” in the middle of your boat might sound like a major structural issue, but it’s actually the design focus of Shape, Lazzarini Design’s new 226-foot superyacht concept.

Accessible through a door in the bow, the customizable “void” is fitted with portside steps to take passengers down to the ocean for a dip. If you’re not that adventurous, though, there’s also a glass-bottom infinity pool on the upper deck that dips down into the hole and allows swimmers to observe those below.

Another view of The Shape by Lazzarini Design.

A sun lounge and diving platform are situated on the stern, while the living area at the bow offers 115 feet spread across three decks—six luxury suites on the first level, shared crew living quarters on the second, and a command center, helipad, and private Jacuzzi on the third.

“Shape stands out from the rest by avoiding an unnecessarily elaborate design and by instead having a striking silhouette,” the studio says of the sleek silver craft. “Because we placed a void inside the concept’s superstructure, there is a real luxury quality about the living space.”

Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, 39, is known for playful and futuristic concepts for watercrafts, most notably his “jet capsules” and a 450-foot swan-inspired yacht concept, Avanguardia.

But Shape was also crafted with an eye toward sustainability: It will run entirely on clean energy, with a hydrogen-powered propulsion system and a large solar panel on the sundeck that provides electricity for all onboard systems.

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