Straight up genius: the best hair and makeup products to buy now


From a formidable foundation to a cordless hair straightener, these are the products our columnist now can’t live without

I can’t think of a single Dior product I would have included in a previous “best of the year” roundup. This time, I’ve struggled to shave my choices down to two.

No longer coasting on Parisian heritage and luxury packaging, Dior is on a gold run of terrific launches. Having never much liked this company’s foundations, I found I wore the exceptionally good Dior Forever Natural Nude (17 shades, £39) more than any other base last year (and I may well do the same in 2022). Sheer and ungreasy, it succeeds where most other long-lasting foundations fail: by keeping my skin hydrated and looking like great skin – not like makeup.

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