I used Etsy to decorate my apartment and saw how it beats out Amazon in the home decor department despite longer delivery times


Growing up, my art-teacher mother was a pro at finding unique pieces to fill our white walls. The centerpiece for her dining room is a slab of wood her students threw paint-soaked cotton balls at.

So, when it came to decorating my own apartment I knew I wanted something other than Urban Outfitters posters and Ikea furniture, but I didn’t have the budget to go crazy. And unlike my mom, I lacked any serious do-it-yourself chutzpah.

For the first month, I hunted for affordable home decor the old-fashioned way — at flea markets and thrift shops. I was surprised by how expensive the flea market was, with price tags for art pieces ranging from $100 to $500 each. While thrift store prints were less expensive, I didn’t fall in love with anything I found.

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