Selena Gomez’s Makeup Artist Breaks Down The Biggest Makeup Trends for Spring 2021


As we enter yet another season in quarantine, spring makeup trends are channeling the moment. “For spring and summer 2021, everything feels a bit more serious than it has in the past seasons,” makeup artist Melissa Murdick tells “It’s the mood. It was 2020 and it really affected everything.”

Murdick is the founder of The Pretty Fix, a website that offers virtual makeup classes catered to the transgender community. A self-described “old school” makeup artist—clients include Selena Gomez—she usually gets her inspiration from runways. But quarantine seems to have the biggest influence this spring.

“I found that this season is really about being easier,” she adds. “And I don’t know if that’s because we’re all stuck at home. [Last season] there were more colors, there was more glitter. And I feel the overall vibe right now is a little more serious and classic.”

Ahead, Murdick breaks down the biggest makeup trends for Spring 2021.

Skin is in! “I’m somebody who personally can’t stand the current trend of 20 pounds of concealer and contour,” explains Murdick. “I’ve noticed that the finish is getting a little bit less obsessed with being overly glowy and I feel we’re returning to more of a natural skin that looks like you’ve just taken good care of it. Instead of having to hide my skin, now I can show it off and enhance it so that you can see how beautiful it naturally is.”

Long live lipstick. “I really love a vibrant cherry lip with no other makeup,” she adds. “It’s super pared-down skin so that the lip really takes center stage, which really makes it pop. And it makes it a little fresher because we’re not doing this full glam look with the lip.”

With masks the new norm, Murdick predicts eyeliner will get bigger and bolder. “I feel like last season we saw a lot more playful stuff where it was fun colors and kind of more unique designs and shapes and geometric and stuff like that,” she says. “Whereas right now it’s a little more focused on doing a giant exaggerated cat-eye.” She suggests creating a strong shape on the eye with a liner and “going really heavy with it.”

Calling all e-girls. “Applying blush on the cheeks and nose, that’s the thing that people exaggerate, which I think is so cute,” says Murdick. “That kind of that e-girl look, super pinky nose with freckles and stuff. I use mostly cream and liquid products just in general because they melt into the skin.” Lastly, powder products should always sit on top of the skin. Murdick suggests using the Rare Beauty blushes or liquid blushes because the products melt into the skin and allows for your skin to still shine through.

Have fun with makeup. “Everybody is playing more with their freedom and individuality instead of copying everyone,” she notes. “Now on TikTok, everybody that I see on there feels a lot freer to actually come up with their own ideas. I’ll be watching stuff I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that is so creative and so unique.’ Colors and placements and unique shapes and people coming up with their own signature look.”

“This is super lightweight, so you can apply it with your fingers just where you need a little coverage without needing to even do the whole face.”

“This is the perfect vibrant pop of color that stays on (seriously) all day.”

“If you want to experiment with a bolder liner than your usual, try creating a few different looks on yourself to see what suits your eye shape best. Don’t be afraid to ‘mess up’ or re-shape things with a q-tip until you discover a cool shape.”

“This melting blush is finger friendly. You can move it around so that it actually looks blended in.”

“For getting creative with free-form liners, I love the Suva Beauty Hydra Liners, which go on super smooth and vibrant. Plus, they really stay put!”

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