Watch First Lady Jill Biden Surprise President Joe Biden With Valentine’s Day Display on White House Lawn


Valentine’s Day is First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s favorite holiday, and she marked the day with a surprise display at the White House for her husband and longtime valentine, President Joe Biden. The First Lady took the President to see heart signs all over the White House lawn today with their dogs and reporters, of course, to capture the moment.

After the President took in the sight, reporters asked what he got Dr. Biden for the holiday. “It’s not Valentine’s Day; I’m not telling you,” he responded. “Valentine’s Day is a big day, Jill’s favorite day for real.”

Asked for the inspiration behind her display, which featured words like “hope,” “healing,” and “love” written on hearts, Dr. Biden said, “I just wanted some joy, and I think things have been so—with the pandemic, everybody is feeling a little down so it’s just a little joy, a little hope, that’s all.”

The President then spoke about what Dr. Biden did for Valentine’s Day during his first year as Vice President during the Obama administration. “The first year I was Vice President…I walked into my office, and every single pane [of] the Vice President’s office, see those panes—three, six, nine, 18 panes in each window—she had taken the school kind of paint the kids put on poster boards [and] put a heart that said ‘Joe loves Jill.’ None of them said ‘Jill loves Joe,’ they said ‘Joe loves Jill’ in every one.”

He mentioned doing an interview the next day where a reporter said, “‘I understand you and your wife have a great love affair,’ and I said, ‘I hope so,'” Biden recalled. “And I said, ‘But everyone knows I love her more than she loves me.'”

You can watch the Biden’s chat with reporters about the display and their two dogs in the video below, along with the President taking in the signs for the first time:

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