Samsung hits a new record with the most expensive smartphone: $2,000


Samsung hasn’t given up on its most expensive phone, announcing Tuesday an even steeper price for the sequel to last year’s foldable phone. The new Galaxy Fold Z 2 phone will be priced at a cool $1,999.

That’s $10 more than the already pricey original and it will be available on Sept. 18.

But if you think $2,000 is high, it’s a relative bargain compared to the step-up “fashion” model that Samsung would also like to sell you. The Thom Browne fashion edition will cost $3,299.

The Thom Browne model will explore “its shared ethos to provide a deeper level of hardware and software integration. The geometric grey and signature multicolor stripe is complemented by a grosgrain pattern, creating a visual texture of fabric on Galaxy Z Fold 2’s unique design,” Samsung said in a statement.

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Consumers will get a new edition of the Samsung Buds and Watch 3 with their Browne purchase, which will be available Sept. 25.

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