Learn About Personal Skincare Routine & Her Top Beauty Tips


Dr Vicki Belo, one of the country’s most respected dermatologists and business-women, has successfully built a beauty and dermatology empire. With the Belo Group, she has been able to help Filipinos reach their best selves. Find out what her skincare regime is and what she suggests for different skin types:

“I have combination skin,” Dr Vicki says. She shares that for combination skin, one must use a cleanser for oily skin because it is best practice to tackle the more extreme problem. She says that “even if it’s just the t-zone that’s oily, you still have to use the oily skin cleanser, so I use ZO Exfoliating Cleanser. Then, I use the ZO Exfoliating Polish three times a week. I also use ZO Brightalive Skin Brightener to even out my skin tone, too.”

Dr Vicki explains that as people get older, they tend to have more dark spots, which is why she says she applies Vitamin C. “It’s an antioxidant which will also protect me from the sun and environmental triggers, brightens up the skin, promotes more even skin tone and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles,” she tells me. Lastly, she says she always wears Belo Face SunExpert SPF 50.

“In the evening, I have to remove my make up, so I use Clarins Cleansing Milk, and then I put on Fillmed Skin Perfusion HXR Eye Cream.” Interestingly, Dr Vicki says that when eye creams are too moisturising, we can wake up in the morning with pseudo eye bags from over-hydration!

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